12 Foods to Burn Belly Fat

By 9 December 2015

Fat tummy for obese concept1. Nuts They slim your stomach by keeping it full, eating about 24 almonds a day will satisfy your hunger for longer.

2. Protein powder It contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle. Adding two teaspoons to a smoothie will create a fat-busting and tastier drink

3. Olive oil it contains monounsaturated fats therefore it helps keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings.

4.Berries they have a lot of fiber, just one cup of raspberries has six grams. It helps you fill full and more satisfied.

5.Eggs: Our body needs vitamin b12 to metabolize fat, it is highly recommended to eat eggs for breakfast, it gives you a lot of energy and its an excellent source of protein.

6.Lean meats and fish Salmon, tuna and turkey are perfect examples for this types of foods, they are full of omega-3s, the function is to prevent stress chemicals that promote fat abs.

7.Peanut Butter A proper amount of peanut butter is going to give you a lot of benefits, its packed with niacin, which keeps the digestive system on track and prevents belly bloat.

8.Milk the main source of calcium, calcium helps break down fat and it also prevents from forming.

9.Oatmeal: Boosts energy, reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels beans and legumes: Builds muscle, helps burn fat, regulates digestion

10.Apples: they are packed with nutrients and are a rich source of vitamin C, also they have a lot of dietary fiber among other that help our digestive system.

11.Tomatoes A large tomato contains only around 33 calories, adding a tomato to a meal will make you feel full and it also has a lot of healthy benefits for your whole body.

12. Avocados everything tastes better with avocado, but other than it being delicious it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also contains the amino acid lecithin, which helps in preventing liver overload.


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