21 Beauty Tips That Every Teen Should Know

By 17 January 2017

Teenagers belong to an experimental stage, a stage we have been through and a stage coming generations will go through too. And we are all aware of how curious and eager we were to grow up. Do what the adults do!

This is the time when you discover your feminity and are eager to try and show off! You have a constant need to look good. And honestly what is wrong with that?

You have our eyes on all the beauty magazines and fashion trends. You know what’s in whether it is makeup, hair or clothes and that is just the beginning. You pick up all that you like and most definitely don’t think twice before trying them out! And why not? If you don’t find your likes and dislikes now, when will you?

With all this, you must protect your skin to retain its original health and glow. Beauty mistakes made in this age could last longer than one’s imagination, leaving behind the visible marks that can make the adult life a lot harder than it will be anyway! Beauty tips for teenagers is very different from what it is for our mother’s.

So scroll down, to know what you can do to pick the right makeup, take care of your skin and hair. Lets not leave out your lips! Here are all the home beauty tips for girls in their teens.


Makeup choices as a teenager need to be made very carefully. Your skin at this age tends to react a lot to products and a breakout is something that nobody fancies. Below are a few tips to make it easier on you.


1. Don’t buy anything without testing it first. Ask for samples to make sure the formula doesn’t break you out.

2. Don’t do smoky eyes with dark lips, as it tends to look tacky for a young face.

3. Play up your best features, if you have pretty eyes, line them so they get more attention. Or if you have a wonderful pout, use flattering gloss or lipstick to gain attention.

4. Avoid foundation on acne skin, if needed; make sure to use an oil free formula.

5. Pat concealer using fingers rather than rubbing it.

6. Make sure to wear sunscreen before makeup. This will keep your skin looking few years younger.

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