5 Effective Blackhead Removal Remedies That Actually Work

By 5 April 2017

Blackheads are the pesky tiny black spots, which are found on your face as if they’ve rented the space like a boss. Blackheads can be embarrassing. Fret not! Just go through these

Blackheads are mostly common to oily skinned people but that doesn’t make others safe. It can also occur in other skin types due to various reasons like improper diet, failing skincare routine, stress, etc, etc, etc.

I’ve combinational skin which tends to be oily at times. So blackheads aren’t new to me. We’re old buddies. It’s just that they actually don’t pay me the rent. Rest is all good.

If you survived that dead humor, KUDOS!

O yeah! Most of these blackhead removal tricks would work well for whiteheads too.

Before Starting: Before getting started, make sure to follow these steps.

• Steaming – Steam prior to blackhead removal as it helps to open the pores and the remedies would be effective as twice. Yeah.

• Use towel – You can also use a towel dipped in warm water over the affected areas. It helps to open your pores and is equally effective as steam MINUS the heat.

• Patch test – Perform patch test of all the ingredients mentioned below for allergies.

• Plastic/glass container – Use plastic or glass containers as they avoid any chemical reaction. Don’t use steel or other metal bowls.

1 and 2 work best for me. My go to blackhead removal trick is surely these pore strips. Enough of me blabbering, let’s get right in!

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