5 Positive Effects of Fasting for Leading a Healthy Life

By 19 March 2017

Fasting is a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both and even becoming distant form sexuality for a period of time. It is very good for heath from medical, psychological and spiritual aspects. It is not only ritual for lots of religions, like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. but also recommended by doctors and psychologists.

  • Usage in the Medical Application

Fasting is often practiced prior to surgery or other procedures that require general anesthetics because of the risk after the induction of anesthesia. It is required before cholesterol and blood glucose tests for establishing a baseline. Furthermore, scientists have indicated that fasting causes white blood cells to break down, resulting in new ones needing to be built when the fast is broken, resulting in the replacement of old damaged ones which strengthens the immune system of the body.

  • Preventing the Formation of Cancer

It is not used for treating cancer but periodically fasting is preventing the formation of cancer. Cancer is like rebellion and terror inside body by revolting of some anarchic cells. That cells mislead the body by showing itself as body’s own tissue and if the body maintains the metabolism activity throughout the day, it cannot notice what is going on inside and cancer cells are forming slowly. When you fast periodically, organism doesn’t do metabolism activity consistently so it controls itself and interferes in the danger and prevent the formation in the starting point.

  • Boosting the Sexuality

By becoming distant form sex while fasting has positive effects on people from spiritual and biological aspects. Fasting gains time for regeneration, revival, rejuvenescence of mutated cells, and purity of sperms which boosts sexuality and ends up with better sex life.

  • Slowing Down the Aging Process

The reason for several illnesses is the lipid and cholesterol level in the blood which harms our body depending on nutrition. Cholesterol shreds are covering the blood vessel wall and slowing the process of plerosis (regeneration of tissue). Therefore, if your tissues aren’t regenerated timely, they will start to die that results in aging. While fasting, lipid and cholesterol level decreases in the blood and consequently aging process slows down.

  • Strengthening the Perceiving, Learning and Memory

Moving away from the physical needs leads our brain to focus on the job we are doing. Body doesn’t labor with needless metabolism activities while fasting; thus, memory is working better by focusing on perceiving and learning. Fasting opens the consciousness to improve the thinking ability.

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