5 TV Shows Must Be Watched Due to Their Material and Spiritual Influence from the Moment You Start to Watch

By 2 March 2017

As we all know, there are lots of TV shows that people are watching. Lots of the time, they are looking forward to see the next episode impatiently. But there are especially 6 TV shows (Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad,  Person of Interest, Westworld) that have lofty goals with subliminal messages to inform people, to positively change them and to make them thinking about what they didn’t before.

  • Game of Thrones

One of the basic concept that everyone must know before showing the show is that it is not a fantasy (because fantasy is something unusual in our world like Godzilla), it is just another world. If you don’t satisfy with that, call it parallel universe. In the first point, The TV show is realistic and sincere about people’s daily life by including daily actions like feeding, toilet and sex needs besides the main topic which are not the part of many TV shows generally.

There are many scenes referring to our world’s politics, ideologies and religion. To illuminate the idea, there are several gods of different communities but they all are righteous, protective, merciful and fair. Is it a message to tell people, who believes different gods, there is only one god actually (for instance, either you call it Allah or Jehovah)? To look another religion theme, there is a character, High Sparrow not only shows how religion wants to increase social benefit and to avoid social damage but also shows when there is religious fanaticism, it can destroy a country.

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