6 Perfect Bedtime Snacks You can Easily Eat before Bedtime

By 7 March 2017

Finally, scientists and doctors have agreed that you can and should eat in the evening! But to avoid heaviness in the stomach and poor sleep, and most importantly, weight gain, it is necessary to choose foods for dinner wisely. And of course, do not forget about serving sizes.

Dishes made from eggs

It is a source of complete protein, containing essential amino acids. They create a feeling of fullness. The best choice – Benedict eggs or hard-boiled eggs. Omelets and scrambled eggs are also suitable for the dinner, but prepare them without oil or with a little amount.

Cheese, grapes and nuts

A small piece of cheese “pulls” only 100 calories, but will bring pleasure and benefits in the form of tryptophan, protein and casein. It is believed that the latter can speed up the metabolism even for the next day if you use it at bedtime. A few grapes that are rich in melatonin, are also good for sleep.

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