Dealing with hair problem

By 21 February 2016

You may do stuff to your hair to make them look better and eventually face some hair problem. Depending on your hair habbit you may experience hair loss, have greasy or dry hair and some other problems. Get ready for some advertise about how to overcome them.


Loosing Much Hair

hair lossNormally you drop 100 hair daily as this number get bigger while you age, take drug, have some illness or sever stress. There is always way to get rid of this problem. Stopping drugs usage and staying away from stress will bee effective to get lost hair back. after a while you will be like never had that issue. Lost caused by illness is generally over when you get back your health. Aging process is a bit tricky however, you may not able to prevent loss but planting hair will do good for you.


Grey Hair


having grey or white hair may be the sign aging. But some other reasons like bad eating habit, smoking or genetic reasons. Scientist says that hair get their color from pigment called melanin. As you get older the cell that produces melanin (named melanocyte) gets disrupted so new hair born without melanin. Removing reason of the grey (except aging, you cant stop it) hair will bring back your original hair color. And you may always choose the simple way, hair colors.


Shining Hair

Having bright head in parties or meeting is not desirable. Oil in our hair holds dust and dirt which makes hair look dirty. Therehair problem are cells in our head skin that are responsible for producing oil. Brushing, touching your frequently triggers these cells so they produce more oil. It is also depend what you eat. Trying to remove oil with washing too much will not solve case for you, actually it will make hair more oily. Ones with that problem should wash hair once in 2 or 3 days (baby shampoo or specially shampoos for greasy hair is recommended). Try not to put protein and balsams on your hair and be selective about gels you use to avoid  shining head.


Dry Head

As well as oily hair, dry hair is sign that you should treat your hair properly. There is certain amount of oil you should have in your hair. Dehydrated hair is more breaks easily especially when wet. Washing hair not frequently is also key for dry hair. You should also consider to comb your hair less wear hat in cold weather and use products for dry hair.


Hair Dandruff

It is a result of head skin renewing process. As it leaves bad look you should consider avoiding that hair problem. It can be caused with dry hair, over oily hair or bacteria. Paying attention to your eating habit (having enough of vitamin), massaging your head and  using proper product will help you to overcome that hair problem


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