Do It Yourself Body Wrap to Lose Weight

By 18 March 2017

A DIY Body Wrap You Can Make Right Know

Slimming body wraps for weight loss plans are an up and coming trend in the weight loss community. The best way to go about losing weight is a weight loss diet plan, but body wraps can help you target specific areas of your body for instantly slimming results. According to Debra Jaliman, an MD who also reviews on WebMD, body wrap results are not permanent, but can help you slim down for an important event or a fun day at the beach. Do it yourself body wraps for weight loss are a safe and effective way to go about losing weight that save you a great deal of money. Store brand body wraps can average in the $100 area, but body wraps at home can drastically cut that price.

One natural recipe for body wraps at home is:
2 cups Dead Sea clay
1/2 cup chamomile powder
1 cup sea salt
1/2 cup parsley powder
18 mL essential oils
1 cup kelp powder
2 tbsp aloe vera gel
2 tbsp shea oil
1.8 liters water
Medical bandages

This recipe is safe to use for all parts of the body including: arms, chest, legs, buttocks, thighs and abs.

A recipe safe for the face is:
Natural mud
Olive oil
Powdered ginger
Rosemary oil
Face mask to wrap with

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