50 Fashion Tips and Tricks to Save Your Stylish Life!

By 1 May 2017

Fashion hacks

I love learning new and maybe even some old Fashion tips and tricks to save time and money! I wanted to share with you 50 fashion tips and tricks that I’ve scoured all over the internet to find! Taking from experts in the fashion field, Pinterest (obvi), and my own little noggin you are bound to find something to add to your love of fashion!

1. To give the illusion of longer legs, find a nude pump that matches your skin tone. Check out these cute shoes in dusty pink, nude, brown, and dark brown

2. Prevent faded jeans by adding 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to your next wash cycle.

3. Need some shoes broken in? Add a bag of water to each shoe and freeze overnight. Crazy but it works!

4. Remember the next time you have laundry day, the hotter the water the cleaner your clothes will be! Delicates are meant for cold water.

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