How To Get Your Eyelashes and Your Eyebrows Back

By 29 December 2016

There are moments in our lives when we want to grow our lashes or our eyebrows faster. For example, you have accidentally plucked some hairs of your eyebrows and your overall appearance changes. Or you want to change the shape of your eyebrows completely, because you have realized that there was something not quite good with it, but you were not sure what. As for your lashes, how many times have you accidentally plucked some of your hairs while you were removing your makeup? It has happened to every woman probably, especially when they are in a hurry. If you are not very careful when you are removing your makeup, there is a pretty big chance that you have some blank spots in this area. But sometimes there are other reasons why the hairs of your eyelashes and eyebrows fall. Knowing the reason, you can easily find the cure. Here are some reasons why you lose some of these small hairs and how to get them back.


Stress is one of the most dangerous things in the world. It is the reason for so many illnesses, including the worst ones, that it is normal stress to reflect other aspects of your health and beauty. And this includes your eyelashes and eyebrows as well. When some people are in such a stressful period that they even cannot sleep well, their hair starts falling down. If this is your case, remember that it is not embarrassing to seek help, even if you go to the pharmacy and ask for a medicine. Of course, if you want to solve a problem, you have to find its root, and in this case it means that you have to let go of stress and just

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