Homemade Cream for Wrinkles Around The Mouth

By 1 April 2017

Understanding Your Skin and Wrinkles

It is always nice looking at remarkable and perfect baby skin. You pass your life wondering – Where has your baby skin gone? But, before I tell you how to maintain wrinkle-free baby face, it is necessary to know the structure of the skin and causes of wrinkles appearance.

  1. Epidermis is the external layer of skin which protects the internal layers from external influences. This layer is always first struck from influences and is most visible. Therefore the aging and epidermis damaging are immediately visible.
  2. Dermis is the second skin layer. This layer contains connective tissues that bonding skin together. Those are collagen giving the sturdiness and elastin in charge for skin’s elasticity. Between the dermis and epidermis, the dermal-epidermal junction is found. This mid-layer enables nutrients from the blood vessels to get to the dermis and epidermis.
  3. Hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue is the lowest part of the skin. It is composed of fat cells enabling body isolation. During the time they make your skin full and plump.
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