Natural Sleep Aids

By 12 March 2016

I early mentioned what problem can sleep deprivation cause. It seem a good idea avoiding sleep deprivation with some natural sleep aids. Without getting in details too much i would like to denote that melatonin is what runs our biological clock. It gets higher nights to warn us about sleeping time, and gets lower to get us up and going. When this process does not run smoothly you face insomnia. It can be beaten by medicine however natural sleep aids are better, because of the word “natural”. Some natural sleep aids then…

natural sleep aids

Bedroom is a Bedroom

Not trying to give definition of bedroom I`m  remembering you to keep your bedroom a good (and only) place to sleep. The golden rule is to keep technology out of your bedroom. Nightly email or social media check, favourite but untimely tv shows may be the reason of beginning unhealthy life. Keeping your bedrooms air fresh is also must-do. Remember that good sleep happens only in  good bedroom.


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