How to Remove and Prevent Split Ends

By 25 November 2016

Magic solutions that make all your split ends vanish are just a temporary trick, and won’t halt ongoing damage. To remove them permanently, you’ll need to cut them off. However, there are a hundred ways you can prevent them happening again. Try them out for healthy, soft hair.


Removing Split Ends

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    Check for damaged hair. Closely examine your hair with the help of a mirror and good lighting. Split ends occur most often at the tip, but can show up anywhere in your hair. Split ends and related damage can occur in several different forms. If you find any of the following, remove them using the instructions below:

    • Hair tips splitting into two or more strands
    • A hole in the middle of your hair (more visible if you bunch up the strand)
    • White dots at the end of your hair
    • Single strand knots (more common in dry, curly hair)
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