Stop eating this 8 foods if you are trying to lose weight

By 22 November 2016

444454Don’t eat these 8 foods if you want to lose weight, never!

  1. Snacks that only contain carbs, as bread, dry cereal, crackers or rice cakes. The carbs are sent into your blood stream as sugar and your body will produce extra insulin. This way you will end up with low blood sugar and feel hungry again.
  2. Frozen meals are loaded with sodium, a natural preservative, to make fresh ingredients last longer in the freezer. You will feel bloated because you will retain water. These meals also contain lots of calories.
  3. A high-fiber snack bar contains one day’s worth of fiber, which you need to stave off hunger. Replace the fiber bars with naturally fiber-rich foods.
  4. “Low-fat” foods make people eat more if they think that they won’t gain weight. The food makers compensate the lack of flavor with sugar, which makes the product even worse.
  5. Drinking a glass of juice means consuming all the calories from the several oranges you use. The natural fruit sugar, fructose, tricks your body into gaining weight because you will feel bloated and your body won’t be able to recognize when it’s full.
  6. Artificially sweetened drinks or sparkling water, which is carbonated and makes your stomach feel full.
  7. Super-sized snack packages trick people into eating more. Also, when a product is on sale, you’re more likely to consume more.
  8. Booze is one of the biggest enemies when you try to lose weight. It contains empty calories that make you want to eat more. Alcohol is also considered a toxin that your body wants to get rid of, so it becomes your liver’s priority.
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