Stress Relieving Foods

By 12 March 2016

Having a busy social calendar, awaiting deadlines, unbalanced work hours  stress relieving foodcan force us to eat not normally. It might not seem a big deal but it actually is. I will not write about its effect on our digestive system but its relationship with our stress level. A bag of chips, delicious looking pasta or ice-cream and junk food may cause you to became happy while eating but what actually it does is makes you more stressful. The stress level is related with your hormone and these has a lot to do with body. Your body initially may tend to store more fat cells that it may lead you to obesity, hearts diseases and some other diseases.  Here is a list of a few food that tries to make you happy.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Especially Spinach will do a lot to make you feel better. Heather Mangieri, RDN, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. denotes that “Green leafy vegetables like spinach contain folate, which produces dopamine, a pleasure-inducing brain chemical, helping you keep calm,”. Also it is knows to have magnesium that helps you to balance your hormone called cortisol.





Oatmeal is another food that fights for your happiness. The complex carb inside increases your serotonin level. But you should avoid having refined carbon (ones in white bread and sugar) as they digest instantly and spikes blood sugar. Complex carbons are friendly ones as they digest slowly and does not trigger sugar level immedately.






Generally most vegetables does good on your mood but avocado comes first when we talk about stress relieving foods. It contains a lot of vitamin and minerals in it but the one that keeps you happy is vitamin B. It is also known that avocado reduces your starving feeling so it prevents you from eating more food which is more healthy for you.




Dark Chocolate

Talking about the stress relieving foods I have to mention Chocolate. If you are one of those who eat chocolate to make your days it is not coincidence. The chemicals inside are what make you  happy. But you should watch your portion as it is high calorie food.



There are some other stress relieving foods that not mentioned in this post. I can say that green tea, turkey breast, nut, yogurt are some of them. Your eating and sleeping routine have effect on your stress level however. With a little awareness you may have less stressful and healthier body.


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