By 20 June 2018

Your colon is your body’s sewerage system and it’s best to clean it for time to time. A forgotten popular saying suggested that the illness starts in the stomach and death in the colon. This was later confirmed by a study which found that in 90% of the cases, patients get ill because of a dirty colon.

Your colon folds are the perfect hiding place for residues and parasite eggs. In most of the cases, residues stay in your body for tens of years. Being extremely acid, after a while they manage to penetrate the colons walls thus, toxins get reabsorbed in your blood, lymph, etc. In other words, your colons functions get upside down and, instead of eliminating toxins, it becomes an easy mean for them to get back into your blood.

Test to see if your Colon Needs Cleansing


To understand who you can keep your colon healthy you have to first understand what makes it ill. Most people have no idea how many parasites leave inside and on our body. They feed on our organism and their waste gets absorbed into our blood. This increases the toxic levels which the liver has to eliminate. After a few years, this organ will not work as efficiently and some toxins will be left to wander into our bodies. Once they reach an organ, they slowly poison it, leading to illness. Another issue is the mucoid plaque which is formed from a substance eliminated by our body to cover acid residues. In time, this will slow down bowel movement, and increase toxin absorption in the colon. Hence, constipation appears which comes with its own problems and negative effect on our body. The last but not least big problem of an intoxicated colon is dysbacteriosis which means an unbalanced bowel flora.

If you believe you have a dirty colon, here are the symptoms you should have:

-skin eczemas;
-bad breath;
-bad skin smell;
-White tongue;
-smelling sweating;

Furthermore, here is a test that will tell you if your colon has to many unhealthy residues:

Prepare a fresh beet juice. Drink 2-4 tablespoons of it and if after 4 hours your urine is red, your bowel is not working properly.

Source: http://all4healthylife.com

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