7 things you should know about sleep deprivation

By 19 February 2016

We all had that times when we gave to stay awake for a night or longer. If so you have learned lack of sleep makes you exhausted and grumpy. Things change a lot about your  sex life, brain, appearance,  health, and even ability to lose weight once you are sleepless for a while. Here are four thing you should consider about sleep deprivation.

Forgetting things

The busy neurons  rest during sleep and brain creates new path so you’re good to start a new day in morning. by terminating these process lack of sleep makes it hard to concentrate and learn new things. It can effect negatively  both short-term and long-term memory. Forgetting the beginning of the sentence when you reach end is normal for sleepless ones.

vulnerable to disease

Sleeping allows you immune system to build infection-fighting antibodies and cells  and protective cytokines. Irregular sleeping pattern leaves your body defenceless to viruses and can even cause some more severe problems like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and so on. Amount of sleep plays key role on body to protect itself.

Unintentionally overweighting

When you do not sleep enough your body tend to make more hormone called ghrelin, which triggers your appetite and leptin, which tries to pursue your brain that you have not had enough food.  According to a study in  2004, sleeping less than six hours  a day  are more likely to cause obese  30% more  than sleeping seven to nine hours.

Lower sex drive

Sleeping less than five hour makes you exhausted, that is one reason man and women with sleep disorder are not willing to have sex. It also decrease the quality and amount of sperm of man that consequently  lower their libido.


Consequently you should take sleep disorder serious. If you dont have enough time to sleep, then make it. It is not about deadlines, hardworking or even entertainment, it is about building a quality life with healthy body.



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