Want a Strong Upper Body? Do This Every Day

By 28 March 2017

Are you looking for a stronger upper body? Repetition is key for building strong muscles, but you don’t have to spend multiple hours at the gym every day in order to achieve your goals. Simply do these three moves every day and you’ll see results in your upper body in no time!

1. Pushups: Not only will this work your arms but your core and glutes, too. Click here to see how to do the move. For an advanced pushup move, check out pushup rows.


2. Pushup Planks: You will feel the burn for sure with this killer move! Learn how to do it here. Make it harder with a Booty Lift Plank.

push up plank

3. Chair Dips: Test your triceps with this amazing move. Do a couple reps of these every day and you’ll see toned arms in no time. Check it out here!

Chair Dips with Legs Straight

Remember, these three moves aren’t enough to give you a well-rounded workout, but they will give you well-toned biceps and triceps! Doing these three moves every day will help you build a stronger upper body!

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